Michael Pinsky has curated and produced projects in galleries and urban spaces in the UK and internationally, including the following:



A series of international artists residencies in a former steelworks in Luxembourg, culminating in a city-wide exhibition 


During the residency period, eleven international artists produced a hugely diverse body of work in response to the site and the programme concept. Engaging with both the history of Belval and its current fledgling society, the artists created films, sonic environments, computer controlled sculptures, operas, Heavy Metal guitar ensembles, poetry, monumental wall-works, photographic light-boxes and architectural-scale casts.



RELAY, developed for King’s Cross, was a series of commissions which appeared as this new cityscape unfolded. RELAY referenced the key points at which parts of the development shifted from being brownfield land to an active building site, and then in turn from a construction site to a functioning public space. The successive artworks signified the articulation of this new district as it started to connect with the rest of London.

RELAY also alluded to the extraordinary connectivity of the area and its remarkable heritage.



Lost O was programme of installations, interventions and performances by international artists, which took place in Ashford as the Tour de France passed through the town in 2007.
Lost O de-marked a dramatic and critical moment of change as Ashford’s four lane ring road was transformed into the largest Shared Space scheme in Europe. The fast flowing traffic on this road had isolated the centre of the town from its residential neighbourhoods. For Lost O artworks were curated that acknowledged and celebrated the loss of the ring road changing the perceptions of the town for both Ashfordians and visitors alike.


brionPorte Cochere

Five artists were asked to make work in response to the 301 “porte cocheres” populating the centre of Milton Keynes, which differentiate this town from any other in Britain. These structures, which resemble minimalist sculptures, offer temporary shelter to pedestrians crossing roads and act as markers for the grid of pedestrian routes which weave through the town.


Panacea, developed by Michael Pinsky, Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich, provided artistic ‘solutions’ that simultaneously offer viewers/participants an aesthetic experience and a practical tool to improve life. Panacea has been toured extensively in France and the United Kingdom both as an exhibition and as performance.
Panacea toured to: Galerie d’Art Contemporain de la ville de Chinon, France, Centre de Création Contemporaine, Tours, France, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Le Parvis, Ibos, France, The John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK, The Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK.


urbanfallowUrban Fallow
The Urban Fallow was a commissioned scoping study from the Solent Centre for Architecture and Design for a programme of temporary arts/cultural interventions which explore future possibilities for development and public use of vacant sites in Andover, Basingstoke, Eastleigh and Winchester.
The programme demonstrated how a range of quality artistic interventions could maintain a lively and energised location and profile potential for future development. Local communities would have been facilitated to have a stake in thinking around their town and city spaces in a unique way, building a sense of ownership to maximise the potential of these spaces for long term, successful futures.