Jan Kopp

5 silo temporaire



For  3 February 2016, 1.52 pm (Temporary Silo), Jan Kopp meticulously replicated the shadows cast from one of the furnaces onto an immense silo sited within the steelworks. The painted shadows interact with the actual shadows, coming into perfect alignment twice a year.


My project consists in fixing a specific shadow on two façades of the former temporary silo for slag on the central square between the two high furnaces. One of its large facade is, the largest one is East-facing, and the smaller one is South- facing. The shadow projected on the facades is a more or less distorted fragment of the silhouette of one of the high furnaces. The project’s intention is to inscribe the past into the present and future, to fix a futile and discreet moment that might animate the memory of the site. “

Jan Kopp





Jan Kopp, born in Frankfurt in 1970, currently lives in Lyon. He has participated in the following international exhibitions: Clockwork, PS1 / MOMA, New York (2000); 6th Lyon Biennale (2001); Crossing, Museum of Modern Art, Paris (2002); Singular, Museum of Modern Art, Canton (2005); Res Publica, MMOMA, Moscow (2010). His recent solo exhibitions are: La courbe de la ritournelle, Abbaye de Maubuisson (2011) ; Un grand ensemble, Centre d’art contemporain La Criée, Rennes (2013) ; À deux mille mètres d’ici (2014) et Soulever le monde (2015) at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.