Neville Gabie

audio recording - Blast Furnace C - KISCO Kunming


Neville Gabie travelled to China to sonically document one of Belval’s furnaces which was dismantled and sold to a Chinese company in the nineties. With the recordings of the furnace its surroundings he created a sound installation within the concrete vestiges of the furnace in Belval.





Neville Gabie


Working in a range of media from sculpture to film and photography, Neville Gabie’s practice is frequently inspired by a response to specific locations or situations. Often developed over a sustained period of involvement with site, local community groups and other creative and academic professionals, his projects value collaboration as key to their success. From highly urbanised to distantly remote locations, his work is a response to the vulnerability of place. His interest is in establishing a working relationship within a particular community as a means of considering its physical, cultural or emotional geography.


Neville Gabie’s work is included in the Tate Gallery and Arts Council Collections. His recent exhibitions include: Danielle Arnaud Gallery (2015), WOMAD visual artist for 2014, commissioned and curated by Jeni Walwin and Tammy Bedford; Cabot Institute, Leverhulme funded climate change research project, Bristol University (2012-2013); Olympic Park Artist in residence during construction (2010-2012) and Tatton Park Biennial 2010.


Neville Gabie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He currently lives and works in Stroud in England.