William Engelen

9 photo 38bpm


William Engelen created site-specific compositions to be played by music ensembles across the Belval site. Using his own particular form of visual graphic notation, the scores which resemble architectural master-plans enable the musicians to navigate their own routes through the compositions.




William Engelen, born in 1964 in Weert (Netherlands), currently divides his time between Berlin and Rotterdam. He studied Multidisciplinary Arts at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. He has composed numerous sound works: In Every Single Way, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2002), Pfeif drauf and Suleika, Stadtgarten, Aachen (2003), Verstrijken in Quebec City, La Chambre Blanche, Quebec (2005), Was halten Sie vom Loch?, for 50 years of Documenta Kassel (2005). His recent installations, which lie at the intersection of art, performance and experimental music include: Meine Klavierlehrerin Fräulein Grosch, Berlin (2011); Falten for Percussion, New York (2013); Trio für einen Raum mit Mobile, Wilhelmshaven (2014) and  BADUMTSS [NOT], Medellín, Colombia (2015).