Professor Roderick Watkins, Deputy Vice Chancellor will formally launch  I’m Laughing at Clouds
6.30pm on Thursday 24th of September 2015. The opening will feature a newly commissioned site-specific dance performance by the Daisy Farris Dance Collective.

I’m Laughing at Clouds is an ensemble of nine tactile lighting columns. By touching sensors embedded in the sculpture, the passer-by can create a composition of light and sound. The lampposts are programmed to respond to the human touch recording the frequency of a person’s pulse. This data is represented through the illumination of the columns and by samples of sung heartbeats recorded from children in the neighbouring Brunswick Nursery School.

I’m Laughing at Clouds has been commissioned by Anglia Ruskin University for the new Young Street Buildings. Guided tours are available on Thursday 24th of September at 4pm and 5.30pm and can be booked by or calling 01223 695060.

I’m Laughing at Clouds is located in the courtyard outside Young Street Building, Cambridge CB1 2LZ.