Lurking deep below the surface of Ourcq Canal jettisoned objects await recovery. Over the years their surfaces have gained the complexion of aquatic wreckage. For L’eau Qui Dort, the artist Michael Pinsky has used divers and cranes to dredge the canals and extract this debris.


Forty of these ghostly objects have mysteriously appeared upright on the surface of the canal water, bathed in aquamarine light. Again visible, these bicycles, shopping trolleys, signs and fridges confront their owners, demonstrating that society’s desire for the new can only be supported by rendering the old invisible.


A strange and beautiful soundtrack has been generated from these objects played by those who live around the canal. Each night this eerie composition emanates from spaces around the canal to form an intricate three-dimensional soundscape.


L’eau Qui Dort has been commissioned by COAL for La Villette during COP21 in Paris. The installation can be visited from November 25th 2015 until January 3rd 2016 and is free to the public.



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