Pollution Pods – COP25 Madrid
Av. del Partenón, Nº 5, 28042 Madrid, Spain2 December – 13 December 2019

The  Pollution Pods are being presented by Cape Farewell and the World Health Organisation at  COP25 in Madrid.

A series of domes will recreate the pollution from London, Beijing, São Paulo, New Delhi and Tautra in Norway. Forming a ring in the gardens of the  Nations Headquarters, visitors will pass through the climatically controlled pods to compare the quality of polluted global environments.  All five Pollution Pods are linked, so that one has to pass through all of them in order to exit the installation.  This visceral experience encapsulates the sense that the world – and our own impact on it – is interconnected.

Michael Pinsky will be presenting discussing the installation at CaixaForum in Madrid, on December 12th as part of ¿ Más grados° más arte? an event organised by Art of Change 21, The event will be held in Spanish and English with simultaneous translations. Admission is free and open to all.

Pollution Pods was originally commissioned by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology for Climart and has been built with the support of BuildwithHubsPollution Pods has received funding from Arts Council England. The tour of Pollution Pods is managed by Cape Farewell. Pollution cocktails created are by IFF‘s global network of scent experts and dispersed using Aroma technology.