20th of April 15.00-17.00 BST

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This is an in depth examination of the causes, mechanisms and impacts of air pollution. What is polluting our air, why, and how does it affect us? Who is responsible and when and where are people worst affected?
Climate Acceptance Studios brings together people from all walks of life to communicate the climate and nature crisis.

That’s why in these webinars you will hear from teenage campaigners like Choked Up, and artists like Michael Pinsky, as well leading experts like Professor Stephen Holgate.

The series has been produced by Climate Acceptance Studios in partnership with the Institute of Health Equity.

The Institute of Health Equity was set up to develop approaches to health inequalities. Its mission is nothing less than to build a fairer, healthier society.

These webinars are designed for Health Care Professionals.

Introduction from Sir Prof Stephen Holgate

Michael Pinsky – internationally renowned artist
Michael is a British artist whose work explores the public realm. His recent installation Pollution Pods is touring internationally. Artnet included Pollution Pods in its list of the 100 Works of Art That Defined the Decade.

Tyler Knowlton – director of communication, communities and partnerships at Plume Labs
Tyler is an expert in the field of public engagement and policy development. He has developed and led projects at the international, national, and local levels—from governments to grassroots. He currently leads Plume Labs’ partnership efforts.

Dr Ioannis Bakolis – senior lecturer in biostatistics and epidemiology at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and NeuroscienceIoannis leads research on how social and environmental stressors such as air pollution affect the epidemiology of mental disorders over the life course. His research has been covered in multiple (inter)national media outlets and he is an expert commentator of news stories on urban mental health. 

Anjali Raman-Middleton – campaigner
Anjali is co-founder of Choked-Up, a campaign group started by black and brown teenagers living in areas worst affected by air pollution. The group lobbies for cleaner air legislation and the right for everyone to breathe clean air.