Michael Pinsky is representing the House of St Barnabas with a new edition of Viral Planting where a microscopic image of the ebola virus will emerge from thirty-thousand plastic flowers. This viral depiction, appropriated from the media, has been magnified to the point where its surface breaks down to provide the structure for a bed of plastic flowers where each pixel is replaced by a flower bud. Viral Planting operates in the changing landscape of humankind’s obsession with viral disasters and plagues. The flowers are arranged to reflect each new virus which is prevalent in the media, contributing to a growing floral archive of viruses.


Preview Wednesday 20th of May  6pm – 9pm
Open to the public 
Thursday 21st of May 11am – 9pm
Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of May 11am – 7pm

Michael Pinsky in conversation with the curator Katie Heller from 12pm on Friday 22nd of May.


Viral Planting featured on London Live 


De-installation of Viral Planting